Old Wooden Windows? 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Keeping Them

23 September 2015
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One of the first things people do when they remodel an old home is rip out the wood windows and replace them with vinyl replacement windows. While vinyl windows have their benefits -- they are virtually maintenance free and more difficult to shatter -- they have their drawbacks as well. In the same vein, wood windows have benefits that many people don't know about. Following are three reasons why you should reconsider replacing your wooden windows. Read More 

How To Reseal Loose Glass Panes

17 July 2015
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Over time windows might start to leak. When windows become leaky, they can make it much more difficult to keep your interior at the right temperature. In most cases the air leaks through the cracks in the window. However, sometimes the glass pane will get dislodged within the frame. Even these small cracks can allow a lot of air into your home. You might even be able to hear your window rattling in the wind if the glass is really loose. Read More 

Why Get Glass Replacement When A Repair Will Do? The Answers Are Right Here!

2 June 2015
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If your window contractor recommended window replacement instead of a repair, you might be wondering exactly why they did so. After all, nobody wants to spend more money than they have to on home repairs. If you are thinking that a repair might be just as good as a replacement window, this article was written just for you. Keep reading to learn when a repair really is good enough - and when only a replacement will do. Read More 

How’d They Do That? Glass Fun Facts At The Movies

10 March 2015
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If you enjoy films, you've probably wondered about the technical aspects of scenes involving glass windows and mirrors. Here's a look at how some of Hollywood's most famous scenes were created. Glass: A Big Part of Hollywood Tradition Glass windows and reflections have been a big part of the artistic and storytelling sides of film making since its inception. Some films have even revolved around a window as a key set piece. Read More 

Your Cracked Windshield Poses More Danger Than You Think

5 March 2015
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Many vehicle owners see a cracked windshield as a meaningless, cosmetic flaw. However, the reality is that a cracked windshield is very significant. Cracked windshields pose a number of serious dangers that can increase your risk of an injury. View Obstruction The most significant danger of a cracked windshield is that a crack can spread at any moment, without notice. For example, you could be driving on the highway and hit a small bump in the road that causes the crack to spread. Read More